The Mysterious Case of Amy Allan, Real Psychic Medium or TV Hoax?

,Amy Allen from Dead Files is a renowned paranormal researcher and physical medium who works alongside retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi on the show to help individuals who believe they are experiencing paranormal phenomena in their homes or locations.

The Journey Of Amy Allen

Meet Amy Allen from Dead Files, a paranormal researcher and physical medium. Together with retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi, Amy works on The Dead Files to help people who believe they are haunted by supernatural entities. But how did Amy develop her abilities as a medium?

Amy Allen from Dead Files

Amy’s introduction to the supernatural world began at a young age. She had a natural curiosity and sensitivity to the energies around her. As she grew older, Amy started experiencing paranormal phenomena first-hand, which led her to explore and understand her unique abilities.

Through years of practice and learning from experienced mediums, Amy honed her skills as a medium. She learned to connect with spirits, communicate with them, and receive intuitive insights. Today, Amy is known for her accurate readings and ability.

Amy’s journey as a medium is a testament to her dedication, passion, and the belief she has in her abilities. With her expertise and collaboration with Steve DiSchiavi, Amy continues to help people who are seeking answers and solutions to their paranormal experiences.

The Dead Files Exploring Haunted Locations

On the popular show The Dead Files, paranormal researcher and physical medium Amy Allen, along with retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi, investigates and solves unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations. The premise of the show is to delve into these haunted locations and uncover the mysteries behind the hauntings. Together, they provide a unique approach to solving paranormal cases, combining their different abilities and perspectives.

Throughout the show, Amy and Steve have encountered numerous haunted locations, each with their own unique stories and paranormal activity. From abandoned asylums and haunted hotels to private residences and historical landmarks, they explore a wide range of places that are believed to be haunted. By investigating these locations and uncovering the history and stories behind them, Amy and Steve aim to bring peace and closure to the spirits and the people affected by the hauntings.

Amy Allen The Medium And Paranormal Researcher

Meet Amy Allen, the renowned paranormal researcher and physical medium from the hit show Dead Files. Teaming up with retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi, Amy utilizes her unique skills to help those who believe they are experiencing unexplained paranormal phenomena in their haunted locations.

Understand Amy Allen’s unique approach as a medium and paranormal researcher. Amy Allen has developed unique techniques for communicating with spirits, making it possible for her to connect with the spiritual realm and provide insights into supernatural occurrences and haunted locations. Her collaboration with Steve DiSchiavi, a retired homicide detective, is of great importance as they combine their skills and expertise to solve unexplained paranormal phenomena. Together, they uncover information and evidence that help people who believe they are experiencing supernatural activity.

Debunking The Myths Amy Allen’s Authenticity

Debunking the Myths: Amy Allen’s Authenticity
  • Addressing skeptics’ criticisms and accusations of fakery
  • Evidence and testimonials supporting Amy Allen’s abilities
  • How she has been tested and validated in the industry

Amy Allen from Dead Files has faced numerous criticisms and accusations of fakery by skeptics. There is a piece of strong evidence and numerous testimonials supporting Amy Allen’s abilities as a paranormal researcher. Amy has been thoroughly tested and validated in the industry. Her work with retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi on The Dead Files has helped countless people who believe they are experiencing paranormal phenomena. Amy’s unique skills and contributions have made her one of the most respected mediums in the field. Despite the skepticism, Amy’s authenticity and abilities continue to be acknowledged and praised by those who have witnessed her work firsthand. Her dedication to helping others and her genuine desire to make a difference in people’s lives sets her apart from the skeptics.

The Impact And Legacy Of Amy Allen

Amy Allen is best known for her work on the paranormal investigation show.  The Dead Files has made significant contributions to the field of paranormal investigation. Through her role on the show, she has brought attention to the world of mediums and their ability to communicate with spirits. Her unique ability to channel information from the other side has impressed and influenced other mediums and researchers in the field.

Since her time on “The Dead Files,” Amy Allen has continued to pursue her passion for paranormal investigation. While information about her current endeavors is limited, she remains active in the field and continues to be sought after for her expertise.

In conclusion, Amy Allen’s impact and legacy as a paranormal investigator cannot be understated. Her contributions to the field and her ability to communicate with spirits have left a lasting impression on other mediums and researchers. As she continues her journey in the paranormal world, she remains a respected and influential figure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Amy Allen From Dead Files?

Amy Allen is a renowned medium who works alongside Steve DiSchiavi, a retired NYPD homicide detective, on the show “Dead Files”. She helps investigate haunted locations using her medium abilities.

What Is The Role Of Amy Allen In Dead Files?

In “Dead Files”, Amy Allen utilizes her medium abilities to communicate with spirits and gain information about haunted locations. She shares her findings with Steve Dischiavi to help solve paranormal mysteries.

How Does Amy Allen Help People On Dead Files?

Amy Allen helps people on “Dead Files” by providing insights and information about the spirits and paranormal activity present in haunted locations. Her findings assist in uncovering the truth and finding a resolution for those affected.

Is Amy Allen’s Medium Abilities Tested On Dead Files?

Yes, Amy Allen’s medium abilities have been tested on “Dead Files”. This ensures that her abilities are genuine and authentic, providing a credible and reliable source of information for the investigation.

How Can I Contact Amy Allen For Paranormal Assistance?

Unfortunately, I don’t have information on how to contact Amy Allen for paranormal assistance. You can try searching for official channels where you may find relevant contact information.


Amy Allen from Dead Files is not just an ordinary medium, it is a tested and proven one. Her collaboration with retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi has made their investigations into the paranormal truly unique and captivating.

With her remarkable skills. Amy Allen continues to help those who believe in the unexplained and provide answers to haunting phenomena.

The text discusses the authenticity of Amy Allen, a psychic medium from the TV show Dead Files. Viewers have doubts about her abilities and whether she is genuine. The author argues that Amy’s skills are real and she provides valuable insights to the show’s investigations. They believe her abilities are authentic and highlight her accuracy in uncovering details about the locations she visits.

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