Maria Bartiromo Kids: Unveiling the Hidden Side of the CNBC Journalist

Maria Bartiromo does not have children. As an American financial reporter and news anchor, Maria Bartiromo has chosen not to have kids.

Despite being married to her husband Jonathan Steinberg for over two decades, they have decided not to have children.

Early Life And Career

Maria Bartiromo, an Italian-American journalist, was born on September 11, 1967, in Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in the working-class neighborhood of Rex Manor in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Bartiromo attended the Fontbonne Hall Academy, a Catholic college-preparatory school for girls in Brooklyn. She later earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and economics from New York University.

Bartiromo began her career in journalism as a producer and assignment editor for CNN Business News. In 1993, she joined CNBC and quickly rose to prominence as the first journalist to report live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Over the years, she gained recognition for her insightful reporting and interviews with top business leaders and influential figures in the finance industry.

Bartiromo’s success at CNBC led her to join the Fox Business Network in 2014. She currently hosts the show “Mornings with Maria” and serves as the Global Markets Editor for Fox Business. Throughout her career, Bartiromo has received numerous accolades for her work, including several Emmy Awards.

Maria Bartiromo’s Marriage And Family

Maria Bartiromo, the well-known journalist and television personality, has been happily married to Jonathan Steinberg for two decades. Despite their long-lasting marriage, the couple has chosen not to have children. The decision to not have children is a personal one and should be respected. While some couples embrace parenthood, others find fulfillment in other aspects of life. Maria and Jonathan have chosen a life without children and have focused on their careers and personal endeavors. Their decision should not be judged or questioned, as every individual and couple has the right to make choices that align with their own values and desires. It is important to remember that happiness and fulfillment can be found in different ways for different people.

Maria Bartiromo’s Views On Parenthood

Maria Bartiromo Kids

Maria Bartiromo, the renowned journalist and anchor for Fox Business Network, has been vocal about her perspective on parenthood. While she has achieved great success in her career, she has chosen not to have children.

Maria believes in the importance of balancing her professional and personal life. She has dedicated her time and energy to building her career and pursuing her passions. Maria’s decision not to have children has allowed her to focus on her work, travel extensively, and lead a fulfilling life.

Despite societal expectations, Maria has confidently embraced her choice. She is a firm believer that motherhood is a personal decision and that every individual should have the freedom to choose their own path.

By maintaining a strong work-life balance, Maria has been able to excel in her career while also nurturing her relationships and personal well-being. She continues to inspire others with her determination and success.

Maria Bartiromo Kids: Unveiling the Hidden Side of the CNBC Journalist


Maria Bartiromo’s Other Interests And Responsibilities

Maria Bartiromo, the renowned journalist and television presenter, is not only known for her exceptional career in the media industry but also for her involvement in various philanthropic endeavors. She has shown a strong commitment to giving back to society and making a positive impact.

Maria Bartiromo actively participates in philanthropy and is involved with several charitable organizations. She understands the importance of using her platform to raise awareness and support causes that are close to her heart. Whether it’s advocating for women’s empowerment, improving financial literacy, or supporting medical research, Bartiromo has made a significant contribution to these efforts.

Outside of her professional life, Maria Bartiromo also enjoys pursuing various hobbies and engaging in extracurricular activities. She balances her busy schedule by participating in activities that bring her joy and relaxation. From traveling to exploring different cuisines, Bartiromo embraces a well-rounded lifestyle that allows her to recharge and find inspiration.

Through her philanthropic work and personal pursuits, Maria Bartiromo exemplifies a well-rounded individual who is dedicated to making a difference in the world.

The Hidden Side Of Maria Bartiromo

Unveiling the Lesser Known Aspects of Her Life

Maria Bartiromo, the renowned journalist and television host, has captured the hearts of many with her incredible talent and expertise in the field. However, there are several lesser-known aspects of her life that are worth exploring. Despite her successful career, Maria and her husband Jonathan Steinberg have chosen not to have children. This decision has raised questions among their fans and followers, but they have remained steadfast in their choice. Maria’s dedication to her work is evident as she continues to excel in her profession and gain recognition for her achievements. While motherhood may not be a part of her life, Maria’s impact extends far beyond the realm of her personal choices, making her a role model for aspiring professionals everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Maria Bartiromo Kids

Is Maria Bartiromo Married To A Billionaire?

Maria Bartiromo does not have any children.

Is Maria Bartiromo Still Married?

Yes, Maria Bartiromo is still married. She is married to Jonathan Steinberg.

Does Maria Bartiromo Have A College Degree?

Maria Bartiromo does not have a college degree.

How Tall Is Maria Bartiromo?

Maria Bartiromo is 5’5″ tall. She does not have any children with her husband, Jonathan Steinberg.

Are Maria Bartiromo And Her Husband Jonathan Steinberg Parents?

No, Maria Bartiromo and Jonathan Steinberg do not have children. They have chosen not to have kids and focus on their careers and personal life.


Maria Bartiromo and her husband Jonathan Steinberg have chosen not to have children. Despite their successful careers, they have prioritized other aspects of their lives. While some may question their decision, it is important to respect and acknowledge that every individual has the right to make choices that align with their values and desires.

As we celebrate Maria Bartiromo’s accomplishments in the world of journalism, let us remember that family choices should be a personal matter and not a measure of one’s success or happiness.

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