Stevanna Jackson Mother

Savanna Jackson’s mother is Eliz Shaffe, and she is known for being the first wife of Randy Jackson from The Jacksons. Introducing Stevanna Jackson, the daughter of Eliz Shaffe,r and Randy Jackson, the renowned American dancer, musician, and singer-songwriter.

Stevanna’s mother, Eliz Shaffe, was Randy Jackson’s first wife. Stevanna has gained recognition as an American actress, shining bright in the entertainment industry. She has made appearances in various movies and projects, showcasing her talent and passion. With her unique background and heritage, Stevanna continues to make a name for herself.

Let’s delve deeper into the intriguing life of Stevanna Jackson and discover more about her journey, accomplishments, and influences.

Stevanna Jackson Mother

The Story Of Eliz Shaffe: Stevanna Jackson’s Mother

Eliz Shaffe, the mother of Savanna Jackson, has an intriguing story that starts with her early life and background. She was previously married to Randy Jackson, a member of the famous Jackson family. Their relationship had its ups and downs, leading to a divorce and post-divorce life.

Eliz Shaffe’s influence on Stevanna Jackson‘s upbringing cannot be underestimated. As her mother, Eliz played a significant role in shaping Stevanna’s life and career choices. Stevanna has followed in her parents’ footsteps and has become a successful American actress.

Although Eliz Shaffe may not be widely known in the entertainment industry, her role as a mother has certainly left a lasting impact on Stevanna Jackson’s life. Through her love and support, Eliz has helped Stevanna navigate the challenges of fame and pursue her dreams.

Stevanna Jackson: A Talented Actress And Randy Jackson’s Daughter

Savannah Jackson, the daughter of Randy Jackson, is a talented actress who has made quite a name for herself in the industry. Her early career was marked by notable performances, showcasing her natural talent and passion for acting.

One of the biggest influences on Stevanna’s acting journey has been her mother, Eliz Shaffe. Eliz has played a significant role in shaping Stevanna’s career, providing guidance, support, and encouragement throughout the years.

Despite her parents’ divorce, Stevanna has maintained a strong relationship with her father, Randy Jackson. Their bond has remained unbreakable, with Randy being a constant source of love and support for his daughter.

The Secrets of Stevanna Jackson’s Family Dynamics

The Jackson family background starts with the parents, Randy Jackson and Eliz Shaffe. Eliz Shaffe is known as the mother of Stevanna Jackson and the first wife of Randy Jackson. Stevanna Jackson shares a close relationship with her siblings, including Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. The family dynamics were also influenced by the role of Eliz Shaffe in the family structure. The impact of fame and celebrity status has undoubtedly shaped the dynamics within the Jackson family as well. Stevanna Jackson’s family background, relationships with her siblings, and the influence of Eliz Shaffe have all played a significant role in shaping the dynamics of the Jackson family.

Life Beyond The Spotlight: Stevanna Jackson’s Personal Life

Stevanna Jackson, known for her acting career, leads a life beyond the spotlight that encompasses her relationships and aspirations for the future. Her relationships and dating history have been a subject of interest among her fans. As she navigates motherhood and family life, Stevanna strives to find a balance between her successful career and personal commitments. Despite her achievements, Stevanna remains focused on her dreams for the future.

Stevanna Jackson: A Rising Star And Her Own Identity

Stevanna Jackson has been making a name for herself in the entertainment industry, establishing her own identity apart from her famous family. She has overcome challenges and carved her own path, showcasing her talent and hard work. With her skills as an actress, Stevanna has made a significant impact on the industry. She has been involved in various projects, showcasing her versatility and dedication. Stevanna’s future projects are highly anticipated, as she continues to shine as a rising star in the entertainment world.

Stevanna Jackson Mother: Unveiling the Secrets


Frequently Asked Questions!

Who Is Stevanna Jackson’s Parents?

Stevanna Jackson’s parents are Eliz Shaffe and Randy Jackson. Her mother is Eliz Shaffe, and her father is Randy Jackson.

How Old Is Stevanna Jackson?

Stevanna Jackson’s age is not available. She is the daughter of Randy Jackson and Eliz Shaffe.

Is Randy Jackson Related To Michael Jackson?

No, Randy Jackson is not related to Michael Jackson. They both have the same last name, but they are not family.

Who Is Michael Jackson’s Mother?

Michael Jackson’s mother is Katherine Jackson.

Who Is Stevanna Jackson’s Mother?

Stevanna Jackson’s mother is Eliz Shaffe, the ex-wife of Randy Jackson.

How Old Is Stevanna Jackson?

The age of Stevanna Jackson is not publicly disclosed.


In the life of Stevanna Jackson, her mother, Eliz Shaffe, plays an important role. Eliz Shaffe, the ex-wife of Randy Jackson, has been a supportive and loving mother to Stevanna. Through her dedication and guidance, Stevanna has become a successful American actress.

With her mother by her side, Stevanna continues to shine bright in her career.

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